Dr Qetelo Moloi

Senior researcher

Qetelo has significant experience in leading (Director) and working on Systemic Evaluation, Annual National Assessments (ANAs), EGRA and SACMEQ data analyses and processes for the Department of Basic Education. He is also the quantitative consultant to the validation of assessment instruments and use of standards-based reporting formats for the PrimTED assessment of teachers in training. He brings expertise in Rasch analysis as well as a variety of assessment-related analytical approaches, including experience as sub-examiner and chief examiner for grade 12 math and physics, respectively.

Qetelo speaks, reads and writes the languages listed below in decreasing order of proficiency: English; IsiXhosa; Sesotho; SePedi; Afrikaans; IsiZulu; Setswana; SiSwati; XiTsonga; TshiVenda