Ernest Moore

Senior researcher

Retired school principal with 38 years teaching experience in the primary school, of which the latter 20 years have been Deputy Principal for 5 years and 15 years as School Principal.

Ernest brings organizational and administrative skills. His entire teaching experience has been in extremely impoverished communities plagued by severe social challenges such as unemployment, gangsterism, high levels of crime,  substance abuse and teenage pregnancies.

Much of his time was spent working with NGO’s committed to bringing about social change and moral upliftment in these communities, these included New World Foundation in Lavender Hill, Hoops for Hope, NICRO and HOPES (Sanctuary for Homeless People).  He has also worked closely with the Department of Social Development at UCT which brought student Social Work students into the township schools for their practical studies. Parallel to his core function of managing the curriculum, as school principal, he devoted much time to establishing human relations within the school environment and networking with corporate and Non-Government organizations which ultimately invested generously in the school community.

He is currently a Principal liaison for Partners for Possibility, under Symphonia SA Leadership and Development, and serves as Director on the PolyOak Education Foundation and the Prescient Education Foundation

Ernest’s home language is English.

Primary teachers certificate (HEWAT) | BA (UNISA) | BEd (UNISA)